Surprising Creatures

Hey there!

In anticipation of volunteering at the Jama-Coaque reserve, I daydreamed endlessly about the types of flora and fauna I’d encounter. While imagination has its merits, it’s nothing like the real thing baby!

The expected beauties like howler monkeys, tarantulas, and birds continue to amaze, but what has really struck me are the abundance of smaller less allegorical creatures like roaches, hoppers, and moths. It turns out there is more than one type of scurrying cockroach!

Here is a smattering of these intricately dressed creatures.

Hopper Love

Hopper Love

Bosque Cockaroach

Bosque Cockaroach



Moth Beauty

Moth Beauty

Check out those eyebrow antenae!

Check out those eyebrow antennae!

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