Feasts in the Forest

Your loved ones may wonder, what will you subsist on in the depths of the cloud forest? An austere diet of rice and beans? We are fortunate to eat well and often. Fresh from the reserve, some of the best meals of 2012:

DSC_0759webAlanna’s Impossible Pie, Rosemary Bread, Beet Salsa and Ensalada
Quinoa Salad, Cabbage Salad with Avocado, Queso and Tomato
Empanadas prepared by the maestro, Augustin
Laura & Danielle combine family recipes for Peanut Butter Cinnamon Buns
Carrot Beet Nut Muffins
Pizza Pizza
Fourth of July Cake, complete with 50 coconut stars
Beet Salad, Patacones, Fried Rice, Fried Cheese and Guacamole!
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4 Responses to Feasts in the Forest

  1. stephaniejoh says:

    I must admit: One of the many good reasons I have for looking forward to staying at Jama Coaque later this month is the tasty and healthy and sustainable foods! YUM!!!

  2. collette coleman says:

    Oh, it all looks too delicious. I’m so hungry now.. What a way to wet an appetite.

  3. Veronica says:

    mmm…was wondering what incredible and raw concoctions were made down there! You ought to make a cookbook and sell it!

  4. Maggie says:

    Gorgeous food (I’m sure it’s yummy too!)

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